Our Story

Maralyn's love of baking was fostered by her mother, grandmother, and aunt, who over the years have provided both family recipes and helpful advice.

After beginning her career as a special education teacher, Maralyn decided it was time to let her passion for baking express itself fully. It was 1987, and Have Your Cake began.

Located in San Francisco’s Richmond district, Have Your Cake serves kosher custom-designed cakes and desserts to a broad clientele in the San Francisco Bay Area. Have Your Cake produces varied styles, from elegant and sophisticated to whimsical.

Bring your ideas to Have Your Cake, and Maralyn will transform them into creative, scrumptious cakes that will be a highlight of your celebration!


Flavors, Fillings, and Frostings

cake flavors (dairy)

Italian Cream (Vanilla)

cake flavors (non-dairy)



Chantilly Cream
Fresh Fruit in Season
French Custard
Bavarian Cream
Lemon Curd
Chocolate Ganache

mousse fillings

White Chocolate

Non-dairy fillings options are available, even if not explicitly listed.

buttercream frostings

White Chocolate
Cream Cheese


We also specialize in cakes covered in fondant. It can be white, tinted to any color you desire, or chocolate.


Answers to Common Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have questions that are not answered here.

1. Are you a kosher bakery?

Yes! Most cake ingredients are inherently kosher. Adding in Orthodox rabbinical supervision allows us to serve both kosher and non-kosher clients, while maintaining outstanding quality and deliciousness! We are happy to offer dairy or non-dairy products, depending on your needs.

2. Tell me about the cake consultation.

We work by appointment; depending on schedules, that may be during the weekday or on Sundays. You let us know ahead of time what cake flavors are of interest, and we do our best to provide your requests for tasting. We have an extensive portfolio for your viewing, and spend time with you to design a personalized cake.

3. How do I determine how large the cake needs to be? How many tiers are appropriate?

That’s what we’re here to help you do! Generally speaking, we do a three-tier cake (of various sizes) for any wedding with 50-120 guests. Above that, you may choose a four-tier cake (or more!), or stay with the three tiers and use supplementary sheet cake. Occasionally there’s a design-related reason to do a certain number of tiers, but it’s usually personal preference.

4. How much do your cakes cost?

Prices are based on the size of the cake and the design, which can vary quite a bit in terms of labor. For example, a three-tier cake to serve 100-120 starts at $800. An alternative is a smaller display cake with sheet cake to supplement, which is served from the kitchen. This can decrease cost: although the sheet cake can be the same flavor and filling as the cake on display, it’s not decorated, so the labor is less. Because our work is customized, there is no price list, but we’re happy to give you a range as a starting point, and a more precise cost during a consultation.

5. How much advance notice do you require?

For events from May through October, it’s best to order several months in advance. During less busy seasons, shorter notice may work. However, we limit the number of events in a given weekend, so it’s recommended to contact us as far ahead as possible to be sure of our availability.

6. Where do you deliver? What is the cost?

We deliver wedding cakes throughout the Bay Area, based on that day’s availability. Delivery charge, which includes on-site set-up, is based on distance.

7. Is a deposit required? When is it due? What types of payment do you accept?

A fifty-percent deposit is requested to reserve your date, with the balance due ten days before your wedding. We accept checks or cash, but no credit cards.

8. Can you tint the frosting to any color? What about matching designs from dresses, invitations, etc.?

Yes! Because all cakes are customized, frosting or fondant can be tinted to match nearly any color. We have worked from fabric swatches to invitation samples to paint chips! It’s fun to incorporate a design from some aspect of your wedding, to make it truly yours, so please feel free to bring those ideas to the consultation.

9. What is rolled fondant?

Rolled fondant is a sugar dough, which is rolled out, then draped and molded over a cake. This is usually over a layer of buttercream, since the fondant needs something to adhere to. The result is a smooth, matte finish, which is both elegant and versatile. The moistness of the cake keeps the fondant moist, so it’s still easily cut with a knife. Ask for a taste during the consultation!

10. What’s up with freezing the top tier for a year?

The custom of saving the top tier began when it was fruitcake, which doesn’t need freezing and, in fact, improves over time. Most foods don’t freeze well for an entire year, and cake is no exception! It’s a lovely idea to have the top tier for, say, your first-month anniversary, or when you return from your honeymoon. Have Your Cake always leaves the box for the top tier at your reception site, so the caterer can put it aside for you.


A Few Notable Mentions

Have Your Cake has appeared in The Knot Magazine, Style Me Pretty, SSFPatch.com, Elegant Bride, the San Jose Mercury, j (The Jewish News Weekly), and Today’s Bride.

Selected Clients

The American Craft Council
Lorraine Hansberry Theatre
Smuin Ballet
Kohl Mansion
Episcopal Community Services

Special Projects

For the gala reopening of the City Club of San Francisco, Have Your Cake created a model of the City Club and Pacific Coast Stock Exchange buildings, complete with statues.

Have Your Cake collaboration with artist Thomas Maras for the American Craft Council. Thomas Maras blown glass on left, Have Your Cake interpretation on right.